2013/01/04 (Friday) Early registration starts
2013/02/01 (Friday) Deadline of full paper submission
2013/03/15 (Friday) Notification of paper acceptance
2013/04/12 (Friday) Deadline of revised paper
Submission of workshop proposals and poster
End of early registration
2013/04/21(Sunday) Start publishing process in Springer
2013/06/30 (Sunday) Workshop Registration
2013/07/01 (Monday) – 2013/07/02 Workshop (2 Days)
2013/07/03 (Wednesday) – 2013/07/05 Registration & Conference (3 Days)
2013/07/01 (Wednesday) – 2013/07/07 Exhibition (7 Days)
2013/07/06 (Saturday) One day trip (1 Day)


The schedule of workshop and conference
Date Time Activities Location
June 30th 9:00:00 Exhibition on Digital Architectural Education in China GF of Building C
July 1st 8:00-8:30 Registration of Workshop & Conference Lobby at 1F Building D
8:30-11:30 Workshop A Lab at 1F Building D
8:30-11:30 Workshop B Meeting Room at 2F Building D
13:30-17:30 Workshop A Lab at 1F Building D
13:30-17:30 Workshop B Meeting Room at 2F Building D
July 2nd 8:00-8:30 Registration of Workshop & Conference Lobby at 1F Building D
8:30-11:30 Workshop A Lab at 1F Building D
8:30-11:30 Workshop B Meeting Room at 2F Building D
13:30-17:30 Workshop A Lab at 1F Building D
13:30-17:30 Workshop B Meeting Room at 2F Building D
July 3rd 8:00-8:30 Registration of Conference D1 Hall at 5F Building D of
CAUP Tongji University
8:30-9:00 Openning of Conference
Prof. Changfu WU's welcoming speech
Vice President Prof. Jiang WU's speech
9:00-10:00 Keynote speech
Prof. dr. Achim Menges, the founding director of the Institute for Computational Design at University of Stuttgart
10:00-10:30 tea break + photo + Openning of Exhibition
10:30-11:30 Keynote speech
Dr. Dennis R. Shelden, Chief Technology Officer of Gehry Technologies & Associate Professor of the Practice in Design and Computation at MIT’s Department of Architecture
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:30 Keynote speech
Dr. Feng Yuan, Associate Professor of Tongji University & Director of Archi-Union Architects
14:30-15:30 Panel Discussion on Digital Architectural Education in China
15:30-16:00 tea break
16:00-17:30 Human-Computer Interaction, User Participation, and Collaborative Design
Bi-tonal Architectural Narratives: Design Expressions in Manga Marc Aurel Schnabel
An Emergent Smart House Sheng-Fen Chien
Seamfully Connected: Real Working Models as Tangible Interfaces for Architectural Design Gerhard Schubert, Sebastian Riedel and Frank Petzold
Following the Voice of the Crowd: Exploring Opportunities for Using Global Voting Data to Enrich Local Urban Context Martin Traunmueller and Ava Fatah gen. Schieck
18:30-21:00 Welcome Dinner Magnotel
July 4th 8:30-10:10 Digital Aids to Design Creativity, Concepts, and Strategies D1 Hall at 5F Building D of
CAUP Tongji University
Tools as Design Instruments: Computers and Cognition?
Raid Hanna
Impact of Using Rule Algorithms on Designers’ Behavior in a Parametric Design Environment: Preliminary Result from a Pilot Study
Rongrong Yu, John Gero, and Ning Gu
An Analysis of Backbone of Outer Spatial Morphology of Campus
Wu Yun and Miyamoto Funito
Understanding Cognitive Activities in Parametric Design
Ju Hyun Lee, Ning Gu, Michael J. Ostwald, and Julie Jupp
Toward a Computational Approach of Creativity Assessment in Product Design
Xiaofang Yuan and Ji-hyun Lee
10:10-10:30 tea break
10:30-11:50 Digital Aids to Design Creativity, Concepts, and Strategies
A New Extended Perspective System for Architectural Drawings
Jos´e Vitor Correia, Rom˜ao Lu´ıs, Ganh˜ao Susana Rosado,
Manuel Couceiro da Costa, Ana Santos Guerreiro,
Diogo Pereira Henriques, Sara Garcia, Carlos Albuquerque,
Maria Beatriz Carmo, Ana Paula Cl´audio, Teresa Chambel,
Robin Burgess, and Christian Marques
Real-Time Assessment for Architectural CAD/CAM: Knowledge-Based-Methodology Approach
Vasco Portugal
Generative Column and Beam Layout for Reinforced Concrete Structures in China
Christiane M. Herr and Thomas Fischer
Research Engine: A Tool to Simulate and Study Spatial-Structural Design Processes
Juan Manuel D´avila Delgado and H`erm Hofmeyer
12:10-13:30 Lunch  
13:30-15:10 Digital Fabrication and Local Materialization D1 Hall at 5F Building D of
CAUP Tongji University
Industrial Robots for Design Education: Robots as Open Interfaces beyond Fabrication
Sigrid Brell-C¸ okcan and Johannes Braumann
An Automated Robotic Manufacturing Process: For the Thermoplastic Panel Building Technology
Stylianos Dritsas and Mark Goulthorpe
Fabricate It, Paint It – And Don't Wait up: Separating Fact from Fiction in Digitally Sponsored Fabrication
Dermott McMeel and Robert Amor
"Seeing" with the Hands: Teaching Architecture for the Visually-Impaired with Digitally-Fabricated Scale Models
Gabriela Celani, Vilson Zattera,
Marcelo Fernandes de Oliveira, and
Jorge Vicente Lopes da Silva
Shipping Complexity: Parametric Design for Remote Communities
Jason F. Carlow and Kristof Crolla
Fabpod: Universal Digital Workflow, Local Prototype Materialization
Jane Burry, Nicholas Williams, John Cherrey, and Brady Peters
15:30-15:50 tea break
15:50-17:50 Shape and Form Studies
Aerodynamic Performance Driven Form-Generation for Skyscraper Design
Darren Chang
Architectural Thermal Forms II: Brick Envelope
Isak Worre Foged
Multiplying Architectural Layouts and 3D Forms: Interplay of Necessity and Contingency in Architectural Modeling
Hao Hua
The Resolution of Architecture in the Digital Age
Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer
Freeform Surfaces Adaptation through Developable Surfaces Using Apparent Contours
Francisco Gonz´alez-Quintial, Antonio S´anchez-Parandiet, and Javier Barrallo
Some Notes on the Incompleteness Theorem and Shape Grammars
Theodoros Dounas
18:00-19:30 Dinner  
20:00-22:30 night tour at Water House  
July 5th 8:30-11:10 Modeling and Simulation D1 Hall at 5F Building D of
CAUP Tongji University
The Research of Relationship between Architectural Space and Wind Environment in Residential Area
Li Yang and Dexuan Song
Application of BIM and VR Technology in Complex Construction Project: A Case Study of Iceberg 3d BIM Structure Layout Design for an Ocean Park
Shuo Wang
Towards a Computational Spatial Knowledge Acquisition Model in Architectural Space
Junchao Lyu, Bauke de Vries, and Chengyu Sun
Integrated Design Process: Sustainable Fa¸cade Fabrication
Kyoung-Hee Kim and Seung-Hoon Han
A Comparative Study on Choice Modeling Framework for Evacuation Simulation
Chengyu Sun, Bauke de Vries, Wenfeng Bai, and Tuo Hu
Computer Aided Simulation for Compact Residential Regulatory Plan
Lei Pang, Xiaodong Song, and Chengyu Sun
Building Elements Re-usability Optimization - Design Decision Support Using a Case-Base of Building Information Models and Semantic Fingerprints
Stanimira Markova, Christoph Langenhan, Peter Russell, and
Frank Petzold
Relationship between Mean Radiant Temperature and Building Type for Pedestrians in Rotterdam
Qun Dai and Marc Aurel Schnabel
11:10-11:30 tea break + voting
11:30-12:00 Closing ceremony
Prof. Jianlong ZHANG's summary
announcement of Best Paper (Prof. Thomas Kvan)
announcement of Best Presentation (Prof. Bauke de Vries)
Announcement of next conference




Important Dates
Submission of full papers:
1st February 2013
Notification of paper acceptance:
15th March 2013
Workshop proposal and poster submission:
12th April 2013
1st - 2nd July 2013
3rd - 5th July 2013
Poster Exhibition:
1st - 7th July 2013